What is Emporium Loans?
Emporium Loans is an online platform that connects the borrowers with logbook loan lenders. The lenders associated with Emporium Loans provide fair rates. All that the borrower has to do is provide some basic information and the platform will link him up with the most suitable option. The borrower is under no obligation to accept the quote that is received.
Does Emporium Loans ask for compensation in exchange for the services?
No, Emporium Loans does not ask for any compensation. The services are provided absolutely free of cost.
What type of loans does Emporium Loans Service provide?
Emporium Loans provides logbook loans that are issued against the vehicle of the borrower.
What are logbook loans?
Logbook loans are a type of loans in which the borrower uses his vehicle as collateral and borrows money against the vehicle. The lender keeps the logbook of the vehicle until the loan is repaid. For further details, click here.
Why should I apply for a logbook loan?
Logbook loans are quick and convenient. They are considered the most efficient way of getting quick cash. The credit history of the borrower is not an issue when it comes to logbook loans. That is why most people prefer logbook loans to any other type of loan arrangement.
What are the eligibility criteria for logbook loans?
The eligibility criteria for logbook loans are as follows:

  • 18 years of age
  • Resident of UK
  • In possession Of a vehicle in their name
  • Vehicle must be insured

How can I apply for a logbook loan?
In order to apply for logbook loans, the borrower must have the following:

  • A proof of income
  • MOT certificate
  • Logbook of the vehicle
  • Identification documents
  • Recent Photo
  • Billing address

An examination of the vehicle is also a necessary part of the application procedure for a logbook loan.
Is there a limit to the amount that I can borrow through a logbook loan?
The borrower can borrow up to 50 percent of the worth of the vehicle. However, each arrangement differs and can be negotiated.
Does the lender dictate the manner in which the funds that are lent are disposed?
No, the funds are to be used as per the requirement of the borrower and the lender does not have any authority of dictating how they can be disposed.
How soon can I get the money?
The borrower needs to complete the application process to the satisfaction of the lender. As soon as it is done, the borrower can receive the money. In a number of cases, the procedure is completed in 24 hours.
Is there a flexible repayment plan for the loans?
Yes, the repayment plan is according to the set standards and can be negotiated according to the financial plan of the borrower. The arrangement must be made before hand in order to avoid any conflicts arising later on.
What becomes of the vehicle that is being used as collateral?
The vehicle that is being used remains in the custody of the borrower. The lender keeps the logbook of the vehicle till the time the loan is repaid. As soon as the loan is repaid, the owner can have the full custody of the vehicle.
Who is responsible to the damage caused to the vehicle during the loan period?
The vehicle being used collateral is the responsibility of the borrower as it remains in their custody. In case of damage, the borrower will be held accountable. That is why it is necessary that the vehicle must be insured.
Is the logbook loan the best option for me?
Browse through all the options that are available to you and then decide. Logbook loans are fast becoming popular due to their convenience. If the logbook loan fits into your financial plan and you fulfill all the requirements, you can apply for a logbook loan.

How does Emporium Loans Work?
You are in search of a suitable lender and you have stumbled across Emporium Loans. You are on the right track. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to find the perfect lender and get a loan in 24 hours!
Step 1: Log on to the website www.emporiumoffruit.co.uk
Step 2: Provide your basic details.
Step 3: Receive quotes from a pool of lenders tailored according to the information that you provide.
Step 4: Select a lender, negotiate the terms and receive your money in the next 24 hours!
Emporium Loans just compressed a lengthy and tiring procedure in four simple steps!

You can find further information regarding logbook loans here.